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Renewing a Classic - Total refurbishment for Prince at Mott

For nearly 200 years, the structure at 34 Prince street in Lower Manhattan has been standing sturdy and evolving along with its ever-changing neighborhood. 34 Prince street was originally built to be Old St. Patrick’s School and Convent in 1826 far before the area it stands in was called Little Italy, or NoLIta. As the neighborhood continued to change, the school closed in 2010, and in 2014, Time Equities and Hamlin Ventures bought the building for $30.7 million dollars to turn it into what it is today, The Residences at Prince Street. 

The Residences at Prince offers nine exceptional new homes within the landmarked Old St. Patrick’s School and Convent. It has now been beautifully reimagined as a luxurious townhouse filled with every conceivable amenity. These luxury condominiums and townhomes are a blend of historic and contemporary design. Marvel Architects designed the Prince at Mott residences to include a conversion of the building into a private townhouse, eight condominium units, and a construction of a new freestanding glass brick townhouse. The General Contractor for this project was Structure Tone Inc and the Developer was Time Equities, partnering with Marvel architects, this trio redefined a landmark in the New York City area. 

 Prince at Mott Parlor

Resilmount was honored to provide our A237CR clips for sound isolation solutions throughout this project. The A237CR is a clip that provides sound isolation between the furring channel and the cold rolled channel in a ceiling assembly. Resilmount product specialists were able to suggest the best sound isolation clip for the buildings needs and the architect’s desires. 

Occupants are paying a pretty penny for these luxury residences, and assuming they don’t want to hear their neighbors talking loudly, playing music or slamming doors, Marvel architects knew that Resilmount’s sound isolation systems were the best solution to this problem. With Resilmount’s A237CR clip in place, the buyers of the condominiums and townhomes have peace of mind knowing that any noise created inside of the condominium is heard outside of it. 

Older buildings such as the one located at 34 Prince Street are being renovated into modern spaces frequently. Now that there are solutions to issues like noise transfer between apartments or offices, these historic buildings can easily be transformed into residences. The Residences at Prince Street are a prime example of this transformation and Resilmount is proud to have been a part of reviving an old building into something modern and beautiful. 

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34 Prince St, New York, NY, USA
Marvel Architects